The culture of glass has its roots in our territory

Emmegi srl is a firm founded by the Peron brothers Maria Grazia, Giovanni and Pietro in 1986. From that year on, with the help of Peron Nazzareno as the responsible person for both business and administrative sides of the firm, Emmegi srl has gradually confirm itself in the field of manufacturing and selling components in Murano glass and in Borosilicate glass for furnishing and lighting. The firm is based in Piombino Dese, well known in the area for its manufacturing tradition in the lighting sector, strongly connected to the historical glass craftsmanship of the near island of Murano.


More than a thousand years of tradition and culture for glass

Over the years the technique has evolved, from blown glass to lampworking

We have been creating unique lighting atmospheres for over 30 years

The experience matured in over 30 years has made the firm a dynamic reality, attentive to the changeable tendencies of the market, and it has made it able to offer to its customers, both Italian and foreign, a refined and wide range of products meant to exalt atmosphere and games of light. The hand-made imperfection stands out as a guarantee of the uniqueness of every single article, as the tradition of the most famous glassworkers teaches. Moreover, the firm guarantees the satisfaction of the clients who desire to opt for customized realizations.